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Welcome to the Topas website

Topas has been active in multiple fields, both in and out of motor sports.


Within motor sports, Topas is best known for assisting teams, organizing bodies and suppliers for data acquisition related topics, engineering, managing participations.


Our data acquisition assistance dates back to more then 2 decades.


Engineering has also been part of these activities. We can assist teams in developing tools for pit stops, tools for the garage and specific parts for cars.


Now, we support race teams in different championships, and new for 2015 we can offer both the products of Race Keeper and the testing of shock absorbers on our Roehrig 2VS damper tester.


In the last decade, we have also grown our experience in different championships. Now we can assist teams in their contact with organizing bodies, manage travel and transportation, in short: we can take care of all coordinating activities.


And an exciting new development has been with Race-Keeper, the leading provider of HD video-data systems. And starting from March, we will also be able to sell these systems in Europe. See our Web-shop for more details.



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